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People with Diabetes should pay extra special care to their feet.

Diabetes can lead to poor blood circulation. This decreases the circulation getting to the legs and feet which can cause injuries in the feet to heal poorly and can create ulcers, changes in the shape and loss of feeling.

It is important to have an annual Pain Free Diabetic Assessment of your feet with your Podiatrist. Here we check the circulation and sensation of your feet. We also assess any problems that you may be having with pressure points, sores, callus€™s, nails and skin. And provide you with caring advice that increases your knowledge of Diabetes and feet.

Those who lead a healthy lifestyle with well controlled Diabetes and get annual feet checks should continue to have fantastic trouble free feet!

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Chief of Podiatry Michelle Champlin BSc. Pod., S.R.Ch. U.K., M.Ch.S. U.K. Michelle Champlin is a licensed UK trained Podiatrist that has been living and working in the UAE for 12 years. Under Michelle's guidance the Podiatry centre has become the preferred podiatry centre for the Middle East Region, offering a number of clinical procedures, products and services to alleviate bio mechanical, skin and nail conditions... Read More...


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