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Insoles & Orthotics

There are many different kinds of generic insoles available on the market. Most pharmacies, chemists and even supermarkets will stock a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ insoles. These are usually limited to generic comfort insoles. Please beware of the difference between ‘customised’ orthotics and ‘custom-made’ orthotics. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous practitioners may pass off ‘customised’ generic orthotics which have been made in the UK/US as fully custom made for the patient, adding only minor superficial changes to the orthotic to give the impression that these have been individually made. These ‘orthotics’ may well be overpriced, may offer dubious patient benefit and the supplier will offer no/limited follow up to monitor progress, which is essential for orthotic treatment plans. Doha Podiatry Centre manufactures all our orthotics in-house, from scratch, using only the finest medical grade specialised raw materials, to a model of the patient’s feet.

One useful online article that offers a clear outline of the differences between custom-made, customised and off-the-shelf insoles can be found here.

Our orthotics are hand made by our Dohms licensed Podiatrists and fit only your feet, prescribed to correct your particular problem – check that your clinic and podiatrist is fully and appropriately degree qualified and Dohms licensed. Medical treatment from unlicensed practitioners in Dubai is both illegal and unethical, and patients are not covered against treatment from such practitioners. Ask to see the professional’s Dohm’s licence, which must be current, and if in doubt, contact the Department of Health and Medical Services to check on the professional’s status: www.dohms.gov.ae

Orthotics are a medical grade range of corrective insoles that are manufactured specially for the patient and are unique to each individual. These are similar to the treatment of orthodontics for children’s teeth. The orthotic works in the same way as braces for your teeth. Orthotics are placed in your shoes to correct the alignment of the bones in your feet. It involves an initial diagnostic visit to the Podiatrist, who will carry out a biomechanical assessment into the way your foot moves. If there is a malignment, corrective measures can be taken to counter any problems. Children may take up to 4 years before they are permanently corrected, depending on the severity of the problem.

Pre-orthotic: Malalignment of the ankle causing pain in the knee, hip and lower back.

Post-orthotic: Use of medical orthotic to correct the ankle joint, therefore correcting the knee, hip and lower back alignments.

Orthotics are placed inside your shoe and are unseen by anyone. They can be colour matched to your shoe, so that when the shoes are removed, the insole is camouflaged. We even make your insole tranferable from shoe to shoe. They are fully customised for each patient, based on a model of your feet, and hand-made in our laboratory by our orthotist so you can choose which colours you would like for your insole; black, clear, pink, even multi-coloured. That’s the fun part! The Podiatrist will ask you to return for regular check-ups to ensure that progress, as prescribed, is being made and to perform any adjustments over time as required.

If you are worried about your feet in any way, or have been delaying sorting out that niggling foot problem, don’t delay – make an appointment with the experts at Doha Podiatry Centre today.

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