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Sports Orthotics

football podiatry feet

Sports orthotics are a particularly interesting and specialist field of orthotic therapy, and the specialist biomechanical foot assessment will take into account your specialist sport and footwear and requires an orthotic dedicated to the specific purpose and a thorough medical understanding of the dynamics and stresses involved.

Even relatively minor biomechanical anomalies of your foot, ankle, knee and hip will be highlighted by partaking in sports such as running, golf and other high impact activities. Some of the most common issues include over-pronation (‘foot rolling in’) and sometimes the opposite, supination (foot rolling out).

To correct this, the “neutral position” into which our custom orthotics position your foot is the strongest skeletal stance that your foot can be in for athletic activities. This results in better alignment, improving support for your knees, hips and back. All of the above sports game can be improved with a specially modified and custom made corrective orthotic. Corrective orthotics encourage normal foot function and stabilizes the foot and ankle from abnormal excessive movement that can be caused during your sporting game.

Doha Podiatry Centre is the Middle East€™s only Clinic with a dedicated in-house orthotics laboratory. Following biomechanical and gait assessment by our fully licensed, qualified and experienced Podiatrists, your orthotics are hand made by us in their entirety from a mould of your feet. Fitting your orthotics is an essential part of the process and allows your Podiatrist to ensure perfect alignment and advise when she wishes to see you return for review and any required adjustment. Adjustments can also be made in-house while you wait as our fully equipped specialist lab is within our Clinic, without the need to send your orthotics away to any external manufacturer.

Your custom sports orthotics are designed specifically for your particular sport, movement, forces and footwear involved – sporting orthotics include those for running, rugby and football, golf (although we also treat athletes across a range of activities from netball and ice skating to cycling and horse riding).

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