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Golf Orthotics

golf shoes podiatryGolf can exacerbate pre-existing foot conditions such as Planatar Faciitis and Plantar Digital Neuroma to flare up. Golfers are also prone to injuring the big toe joint (Metatarsal Phalangeal Joint). This can be extremely painful and result in irritation and inflammation on a regular basis. These injuries are partially due to repetitive movement, biomechanical abnormalities and/or from tight golf shoes. Custom golf sports orthotics fitted to your golf shoes can aid posture, swing and improve your consistency on the fairway. You may even ultimately end up reducing your handicap!

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Chief of Podiatry Michelle Champlin BSc. Pod., S.R.Ch. U.K., M.Ch.S. U.K. Michelle Champlin is a licensed UK trained Podiatrist that has been living and working in the UAE for 12 years. Under Michelle's guidance the Podiatry centre has become the preferred podiatry centre for the Middle East Region, offering a number of clinical procedures, products and services to alleviate bio mechanical, skin and nail conditions... Read More...


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