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Running Orthotics

Running ShoesRunning involves putting your lower extremities (including foot, ankle, legs and hips) under severe forces. If the structure of your foot, ankle or knee is even slightly out of alignment you may increase the occurrence of injury to the foot, ankle, knee or hip.

We prescribe orthotics to suit your lifestyle and also take into account how often you run, type of running (or walking or hiking) and footwear.

Our orthotics for runners can typically address arch support, provide cushioning, reduce friction with specialist covering materials (also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal) and aid shock absorption. The aim is to increase your running experience and comfort, reduce injury and stress, muscle and fatigue and increase your endurance and timings with more efficient gait.

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Chief of Podiatry Michelle Champlin BSc. Pod., S.R.Ch. U.K., M.Ch.S. U.K. Michelle Champlin is a licensed UK trained Podiatrist that has been living and working in the UAE for 12 years. Under Michelle's guidance the Podiatry centre has become the preferred podiatry centre for the Middle East Region, offering a number of clinical procedures, products and services to alleviate bio mechanical, skin and nail conditions... Read More...


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