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Skiing & Snowboarding Orthotics

hDoha Podiatry Centre’s custom sport orthotics for ski boots are specifically designed to enhance boot fit while increasing power transfer to the ski edge.

The ski sports orthotic is the sports orthotic most commonly made with full support for the foot. Unlike the other sports we commonly see at our clinic, there is no heel-toe dynamic in skiing, so ski-specific orthotics tend to lock the foot into €œneutral€ position by using extrinsic rearfoot and forefoot posts as required, along with other modifications of the device. Biomechanical malalignments of the foot such as sub-talar joint over-pronation can increase injury risk.

During skiing, control is maintained by pronating the foot to edge the downhill ski into the slope. A skier with biomechanical malalignment may already have their foot pronated flat in the boot and will therefore internally rotate the lower limb to have the desired effect. This can lead to a valgus knee position resulting in inefficient skiing technique, fatigue and medial knee pain. Custom orthotics can be used to correct foot biomechanics within the ski boot.

Skiing is a particularly fast moving sport with regard to technical developments – such as soft boots, ski design and binding technology. The purpose of our ski orthotics is to improve your performance on the piste, increase comfort and fit and ultimately increase your enjoyment on the slopes.

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